.NET Full Form

.NET Full Form is Dot NET Framework. .NET is a software application developed by Microsoft. It normally runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. .NET framework consists of a huge class library which is commonly known to us as FCL (Framework Class Library). .NET framework allows the system to use several programming languages and it also plays a significant role to ensure that each of these languages can use codes that are written in other languages.

FCL and CLR (Common Language Runtime) are the primary and most important components of the .NET framework. It is a complete software environment. Console applications, windows forms application, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPT) applications, web application like ASP.NET, web services, windows services, service-oriented applications using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), workflow enabled applications using windows Workflow Foundation(WF) are deployed successfully and effectively by the .NET framework.

FCL, CLR, DLR (Dynamic Languages Library) , application domains, runtime host, common type system, metadata and self-describing components, cross-language interoperability, .NET framework security, profiling, and side by side execution are the components of the .NET framework. Visual Studio is a integrated development environment designed for .NET. This framework provides security, memory management, exception handling, data access, user interface, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, network communications, numeric algorithms and many more useful features and functions.

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