MP3 Full Form Name: MP3 Meaning

Full Form of Mp3 :

MPEG Audio Layer 3

MP3 Full Form is MPEG Audio Layer 3. Motion Pictures Experts Group Layer 3 abbreviated as MPEG3 and known most commonly as MP3, is a digital recording audio coding format. In layman term, this refers to the consumer electronic device which allows you to play and store music files in the format of mp3. It is a handheld device which can also be used as a flash memory to store mp3 files. It can fit into the category of a digital audio player. It can use various file types like WMA or Windows Media Audio.

Since mp3 files are small in size, downloading, uploading, or emailing them is quite simple and easy. It is compatible with numerous programs like iTunes, WinAmp, Real Player, etc. MP3 files are about 11 times small in size than music tracks, which are uncompressed. It is one of the most common audio formats for storage and streaming of audio for consumers. It also serves as a standard to compress audio digitally for playback and passes the music to all digital compatible audio recorders and players.

Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) designed MP3 as a part of its MPEG-1 standard, which was later broadened to the MPEG-2 standard. This is the very first subgroup of audio framed by a collaboration of different engineer’s team at Fraunhofer IIS, CCETT, Thomson-Brandt, University of Hanover, AT&T Bell Labs and others. Lossy Compression is put to use to decrease the data needed to represent the audio recording to a great extent and still sound like an exact copy of the original uncompressed audio to the listeners. An MP3 file formed with 128 Kbit/s setting will form a file 1/11 the size of a CD-quality file. MP3 files can also be made at higher or lower bit rates, with superior or inferior quality.

The compression functions by scaling down the precision and accuracy of some parts of the sound that are considered far ahead of the listening resolution ability of human being. This technique is commonly known as perceptual coding. It brings the psychoacoustic model to work in order to either neglect or trim down the precision of components which are less audible to a normal person and then recording the leftover useful information in most productive manner.

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