MOTHER Full Form

MOTHER Full Form can be Motivator; Only one; Truelove; Heartiest; Exceptional; Responsible. Similar to the term LOVE, MOTHER also does not have any full form. It is just a noun that is used to represent someone who has given birth to a baby. It is the relationship and cannot be assigned any full form unless one wants to. Even this full form is one among the many full forms that people keep assigning to the word MOTHER, based on their feelings and experiences.

What would the world be without mothers? Well, to be very honest, it will be empty with only flora and fauna outgrowing and sprawling across the earth. There will be no humans. By this, there is no attempt to regress the status of mothers to mere birth-giving individuals. No, her worth is beyond compare and invaluable. Mothers form an integral part of living beings.

Whether they are humans, animals, birds, etc, mothers play indispensable roles in a family structure. She is the one closely associated with the notion of kindness and tender affections. Her presence in a family structure helps in defining various aspects of the same for example, she is usually the one who is generally the closest to a growing child and therefore, carries huge influence upon him or her.

Mothers, since time immemorial, have been regarded as Goddess, however, unfortunately, there has been evidence that shows that despite such honor being bestowed upon mothers, they are perceived from the most parochial viewpoint. Many societies have limited their existence within societal confounds, treating them as instruments for producing heirs and pursuing the ‘natural’ goals of humankind. Much to one’s dismay, their treatment by the closest ones has been evidently deteriorating.

All of this paints a sad picture about our mothers however, it does not indicate there is a case of dwindling dignity and individuality among mothers. No, dignity, self-respect and individuality are intrinsic values in a mother just like in any other person. Despite all the saddening records of maltreatment of mothers in various societies, their role in the creation and development of life—that is only next to that of God—cannot be compromised or denied. Mothers are not just mere women; they comprise within themselves a world of love, care, and devotion.