MODEM Full Form

MODEM Full Form is MOdulator-DEModulator. A MODEM is a network hardware device or programme that enables a computer to transfer and transmit data over wired connections like telephone or cable line. This device is able to transmit and convert data between analog waves and digital waves. Information in a computer system is stored digitally and transmitted information over cable line or telephone is analog waves.

External modems are connected to a computer by the help of a standard interface named RS-232. Official standards like CCITT V.34 protocols help a modem to format the data that is to be transmitted. These standards work efficiently at low transmission speeds, but they often fail in high transmission speeds. BPS (Bits Per Second), auto-answer, flash memory, data compression and fax capability are the other features that help to distinguish one modem from another.

Simply, a modem modulates one or multiple digital data carrier waves of information and demodulates analog signals in order to decode the transmitted data. But, studies have revealed that dial-up modems are losing their popularity among the internet users. But, dial-up modems are still widely in use in the rural areas. WiFi, mobile phones and direct broadcast satellites use modems to communicate. Mobile broadband modems and ADSL modems are one of the finest examples of efficient and popular modem.