MMS Full Form

MMS Full Form is Multi Media Messaging. MMS is a standard service for mobile messaging. Though it is almost same as SMS or short messaging service, MMS is different because; its allows text, audio, video messages, and images to be transferred between mobile devices. Also, MMS allows sending text from mobiles to mail boxes. MMS capable phone initially started appearing in 2002.

MMS lets various formats like colors, fonts, GIF and JPEG formats, MPEG, Mp2, and MIDI formats. Nevertheless, it’s a single entity and not a group of attachments. MMS does not limit the size of messages sent and hence requires a 3G or third generation network connection. Most often, MMS is utilized by businesses and organizations to send huge messages to their customers, enquirers, subscribers, and more. Other main area of application of MMS is to include news, weather reports, bulletins, maps, etc.