MLA Full Form

MLA Full Form is Member of Legislative Assembly. MLA is a representative who is elected by various voters of a particular electoral district. He is one of the important members of the legislative assembly who debates on various issues associated with the development of the constituency he is in.

At times, even the chief minister of a state can continue to hold the responsibilities or position of an MLA and hence the role of an MLA could be more than one. The Government of India has the three-tiered structure of governance and each of these has its own executive functions to fulfill. The highest order is the Union or Central Government.

Next in line is the State Government, where some political powers have been passed down from the Union Government to the elected parties in respective states. Final third tier is the local management system like the Municipalities and the Panchayats. Each State Government is required to have a Legislative Assembly, also known as Vidhan Sabha and its elected members are called MLAs or Members of Legislative Assembly.

MLA Full Form – Additional Information

Member of Legislative Assembly or MLA is an elected representative of people from the various constituencies of the state. As a rule, the number of MLAs in a state cannot exceed 500 nor be less than 60. Nonetheless, there are a few exceptions like Mizoram and Goa having 40 members each, Puducherry with 30 and Sikkim with 32 members.

The responsibilities allotted to MLAs are at par with those of the Members of Parliament (MP) in the Lok Sabha. The Legislative Assembly is the topmost law- making authority in each state and the MLAs stand as people’s representative from each constituency in the state, to take care of the needs and problems of the region.

Each state is divided into many constituencies for easy administration. The residents of the region elect a representative on their behalf (MLA), who is responsible for putting forth the issues of the locality before the government and get various facilities and concessions as need be. These elected members hold the office for 5 years till the next election or can be dismissed if the Legislative Assembly is either dissolved before the term or if the MLA is found guilty of misconduct or fraud.

Selection of an MLA

India is a democratic country and thus, the people have the right to choose their leaders as well as their state level representatives. These are elected through voting system and the MLAs are local residents of the region who are aware of the difficulties and needs of the area. Thus, it is easier for them to put forth before the government various proposals for development and betterment of the region.To be eligible for the post of an MLA, the candidate needs to be an Indian citizen and minimum 25 years of age.

He should not have any post of profit in Indian Government or any other state government other than being a minister for the Union of India. The person should possess a sound mind and not have any offenses registered against him. The person should also have valid voting rights for Legislative Assembly constituency in the state that he wishes to represent. After serving the constituency as a Corporator and gaining the local people’s confidence by solving their problems and developing the area, a person finds it easy to gain access to the Legislative Assembly by filing candidature for the post of MLA.

MLA Full Form

Powers of an MLA

As an MLA, a person is conferred with many powers and has the authority to perform various functions as stated below.

  • Legislative powersMember of Legislative Assembly has the most important responsibility of law-making in the state. The MLA has the right to exercise his legislative powers in two categories – the State list and the Concurrent list. Under the State list, the matters primarily related to the particular state are considered like commerce, trade, agriculture, irrigation, and development. On the other hand, the Concurrent list has matters that are important to the State as well as Union Government. They are policies related to education, forests, adoption, marriage, succession, etc.In the case of Concurrent list laws, unless the President gives his consent, the decisions made by the Parliament are held higher than the law adopted on those issues by the Legislative Assembly. Even though MLAs are considered the supreme lawmakers in the State, their governmental powers are not final.
  • Executive powersThe MLAs of a state have the control over the activities and proceedings conducted by the council of ministers and the Chief Minister. The ruling government of the state is accountable to the Legislative Assembly for its actions and decisions. A vote of no-confidence passed by the majority of MLAs can compel a ruling government to resign from power. Adjournment Motions, Question Hour and Cut Motions are various tactics exercised by the Members of Legislative Assembly in order to constrain the executive body of the state government.
  • Financial powers: The financial powers of the state rest in the hands of the Legislative Assembly. The MLAs need to give approval for any expenses to be made from the State Treasury and that is projected in the Money Bill that originates only in the Assembly. The MLAs also have the authority to sanction the tax-raising proposals and grants before they can be implemented for the development of the State.
  • Voting powers: The MLAs are part of the voting body that elects the Indian President. They also have the power to select the members of the Rajya Sabha who are responsible for representing a particular state. The MLAs also vote for the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.Besides, the MLAs review reports submitted by the Accountant General and Public Service Commission and appoint various Committees as needed.

Election of MLA and term duration

Each Legislative Assembly has office tenure of 5 years. After this, the Assembly is dissolved and new members are elected. Thus, Members of Legislative Assembly hold the office for 5 years after which the voters from each constituency vote to select their representative, the MLA. The Assembly elections are held in each state after five years but are not simultaneous in nature. Each state holds elections at different times. Adult voters exercise their voting franchise and directly select the candidates who represent the matters of the constituency.

However, the Governor of the state has the right to elect one person from Anglo-Indian community if it is felt that they lack the representation in the House to voice their issues.Sometimes, the Legislative Assembly is suspended by the Governor at the behest of the Chief Minister before the 5-year tenure and new elections are held. It is not mandatory that the previous MLAs are re-elected.

Facilities and Salary of MLA

The salary of the MLA is decided by individual state’s legislature and has added perks to the basic salary like daily allowance, constituency allowance, and expense allowance and so on. The salaries of the MLAs of different states vary from each other. The facilities extended to the MLAs include medical, travel and residence facilities and they get a reimbursement of their phone and electricity bills.

The amount sanctioned for each facility again differs from state to state. Each state administration assigns particular emoluments to its serving members that include the ministers, MLAs, etc. However, the amount again differs from one state to another. Thus, each MLA is permitted to obtain a certain fixed amount as pension after successful completion of his term.

MLA Full Form: Medical Library Association

Full Form of MLA stands for Medical Library Association. MLA is an old non-profit organization that undertakes educational services. This educational organization has an extensive network of health sciences information professionals as its members from all around the world. It currently hosts around 4,000 such members and partners. The headquarters of the organization is in Chicago, Illinois.

MLA was established in the year 1898 by 4 Librarians and 4 physicians had then established it under a different name “The Association of Medical Librarians” and continued with this name until the year 1907. Of all the eight founding members, two of them were William Osler and Margaret Ridley Charlton. The former was a famous Canadian physician, who was also one of the founders of John Hopkins Hospital whereas the latter was a famous Canadian librarian, who became the first secretary of the Association.

The objective for the establishment of MLA was to discharge important purposes pertaining to the scientific and educational field. It aimed at providing support to research activities in health sciences, education, and patient care. Its activities were directing towards consolidation of educational material on health sciences into a useful library system for people that shall contribute to the enhancement of healthcare quality and studies. The Association hosts a vast collection of material on health sciences from the period 1898 to 2002.

Full Form of MLA: Music Library Association

MLA Full Form stands for Music Library Association. MLA refers to the major professional organization established for music libraries and librarians to come together and discuss the world of music with other professionals. The Association, or simply call it MLA, has been providing services to many music corporations, institutions, students, organizations, music composers, etc. It also provides a platform to people who are interested in music and wish to explore the world from the view of professionals.

The association was founded to serve noble purposes directed at the promotion of music. It was established to advocate growth and utility of music libraries among people; to motivate people to develop the habit of collecting materials like literature and records pertaining to music; to pursue music as a viable, strong, and respectful career; to propose effective methods of administering music industry, etc.

MLA has a systematic organization of functional units that undertake distinct but important functions aimed at furtherance of the association’s objectives. The following are the constitutive units of MLA:

  • Administration of MLA: This unit is composed of officers of Board of Directors, special officers, editors, and business officers, etc.
  • Committees of MLA: To look after different areas, MLA has instituted several committees serving a particular area pertaining to the objectives. These committees address particular issues relating to development, membership, education, publication, etc. There are also joint committees formed out of collaborations with music schools and institutions.
  • Liaisons: There are liaison officers that are tasked with the duty to look after the communication between various units.
  • Roundtables and Interested Groups: This unit is composed of MLA members that come together whenever a meeting is convened. These meetings discuss issues outside the domain of committees.
  • Regional Chapters: These units have to ensure cooperation between music librarians in a particular region.

MLA Full Form: Master of Landscape Architecture

Full Form of MLA refers to Master of Landscape Architecture. MLA is a post-graduate degree course that offers advanced studies in the field of landscape design. The course will allow the student to undertake educational and research activities directed towards further development of skills and knowledge in building up natural environments through innovative and creative ideas.

In this course, a student opens up to a whole new level of learning. He/she will gain:

  • Skills needed to design balanced natural environments with the help of latest technologies and designs used in this task.
  • The course will grant to the student necessary knowledge about present international techniques used in design.
  • The course shall prepare students to handle team projects and thus, they will be taught how to develop interpersonal and managerial skills.
  • The course shall entail courses on architectural history and science of landscapes.

Generally, A Master of Landscape Architecture degree covers the following subjects of learning:

  • Present landscape architectural set-up.
  • Urban Design theory
  • An inter-cultural view of space and cities.
  • History of landscape architecture.

On successful completion of the degree course, the degree holder shall become eligible for a number of career opportunities. He can work as a landscape engineer at different levels of government and in different architectural firms.

Full Form of MLA: Master of Liberal Arts

MLA Full Form refers to Master of Liberal Arts. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, come by many abbreviations like MLA, MA, ALM, MLS, or MALS where MLS stands for Master of Liberal Studies; ALM stands for Artium Liberalium Magister, etc. For the purpose of this article, we shall use MLA.

MLA is a post-graduation degree course that deals with in-depth study in the field of Liberal arts. Despite being expressly limited to liberal arts, it is actually a multidisciplinary course and often brings together disciplines like behavioral science, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences in a typical coursework.

The aim of the degree is to enhance critical reasoning of students, who then should be able to meticulously examine issues pertaining to Liberal Arts and interrelated disciplines mentioned above. To enroll in an MLA course, it is required from students that they should have acquired a bachelor’s degree.

This course in liberal studies comes from Wesleyan University in the year 1953. The course had become an inspiring model for the progressive education movements that were popular during the 1960s. Johns Hopkins University was the second University to have introduced the course in the year 1962.

A course in Liberal Studies is designed for the purpose of challenging the popular trend in the contemporary education system, which is driven towards specialization. It motivates individuals to open up their minds to new, innovative ideas and work on them. With a comprehensive content, the course attempts to instill in students a zeal to acquire knowledge and develop intellectual thinking.

MLA Full Form: Massachusetts Library Association

Full Form of MLA refers to Massachusetts Library Association. It is professional library association based in Massachusetts, the United States. The Association or simply MLA is directed towards the promotion of libraries, librarians, and intellectual freedom. It acts as a platform the individuals to develop their leadership and communication skills so that it furthers the interests of libraries.

Let us explore some historical facts about the MLA. Established in the year 1890, the MLA was known by a different name back then: Massachusetts Library Club. A practice is traditionally followed in the association where a gavel supposedly made from the wood of the USS Constitution is passed down to every succeeding President of the association.

The MLA had constituted a committee, which was known as the Art Club, that used to take pictures for the travelling art exhibitions. Another committee, the Intellectual Freedom Committee, is known for its staunch advocacy of freedom to read and its support for Henry Miller’s book Tropic of Cancer which was once mired in controversies.

MLA is known as a publisher of many internationally acclaimed books and has published books of the famous author, Robert Frost. It has also done authorial works in particular areas. Some of the books are “Books We Like Sixty-two Answers to the Question…” , “Standards for Public Library Services to Children in Massachusetts”, Standards for Public Library Services to Young Adults in Massachusetts”, etc.

Full Form of MLA: Michigan Library Association

MLA Full Form stands for Michigan Library Association. It is a professional association that is located in the capital city of Michigan, Lansing in the United States. The association, or let us just refer it to as MLA, promotes libraries, as a representative of the residents of Michigan.

MLA undertakes many publication activities to promote the purpose and use of libraries among people. It regularly publishes a library science journal that comes by the name, MLA Forum. The Journal was published as an open access electronic journal that published journal articles written in the area of Information science and library science. “Library Literature and Library and Information Science Abstracts” indexed the Journal. The journal was published from the year 2002 to the year 2009. Michael Lorenzen was the editor of the journal for the period between 2007 and 2009.

The MLA has also set up a fund named “The Public Library Fund”, whose purpose is to provide financial support to the education of the library directors, library staff, and other persons who advocate libraries. The first president of the MLA was H.M. Utley from the Detroit Public Library, whose tenure ran from the year 1891 to the year 1905. The current President of the MLA is Asante Cain from Grand Rapids Public Library.

MLA Full Form: Medical Laboratory Assistant

Full Form of MLA refers to Medical Laboratory Assistant. MLA is a medical assistant that is responsible for the preparation and often processing of the samples in a pathology laboratory. MLAs conduct preliminary analysis on the sample for the biomedical scientists (BMS) and Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers, who shall conduct processing on the samples.

An MLA is expected to possess deep knowledge in medical processing and he must adhere to various governing rules and principles in his profession like confidentiality of patient’s information, data preservation, etc. There are additional duties that an MLA should discharge like installing blood analyzers, conducting Quality check-ups, etc. Moreover, he should look after the maintenance of the analytical tools.

The following requirements must be met in order for a person to become eligible for an MLA post:

  • The foremost requirement is that the person must have attained the legal age and that is 18 years. The legal age may vary with countries.
  • For a person to become an MLA, he must have successfully attained High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • The job of an MLA requires meticulous observation and experimentation skills and therefore, the eligibility criteria would often require that the person must compulsorily obtain State-approved training.
  • The last requirement is that the person should have successfully completed the certification exam. A professional certification indicates that the person is competent to work an MLA. There can be different certifications exams in different jurisdictions demanding different requirements.

Full Form of MLA: Modern Language Association (MLA)

MLA Full Form stands for Modern Language Association. The Modern Language Association of America or simply MLA is the main professional association based in the United States. The Association, or simply the MLA, is aimed at bringing together students and learned individuals from the areas of literature and language.

The primary aim of the MLA is to bolster the interests of people towards study and research in literature and language. There are about 26,000 members currently enrolled as members of the association, who come from more than 100 countries. Most of the members are students, researchers, or teachers in these two fields. Thus, MLA is an international association that has successfully brought together people in the promotion of literature and language.

Since the MLA has attained international reputation, it would be appropriate to know from where its journey began. The MLA is an old association founded the way back in the year 1883. It was established aa platform inviting discussions on the study of languages and literary works. The association is known as an active promoter of the scientific and educational study of languages like English, French, German, Italian and other modern languages.

The MLA performs many functions, which are primarily directed towards the achievement of its aims and objectives. The MLA regularly publishes journal articles like Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, which is regarded as one of the most reputed academic journals concerning literary works and languages. Alongside, the association also conducts conventions and conferences on a regular basis.

MLA Full Form: Meat & livestock Australia

Full Form of MLA refers to Meat & Livestock Australia. Also known in its abbreviated form MLA, refers to a public authority functioning in Australia. The purpose of this authority is to promote scientific and educational study on Australian red meat and livestock industry. Apart from this, MLA also strives to promote consumption of beef, lamb, and goat meat in not only Australia but also in other international jurisdictions.

The famed “Lambassador” Sam Kekovich frequently represents most of its activities and promotional events. Sam Kekovich is a famous media celebrity in Australia, who was also a former sports commentator and an Australian Rules Football player. The MLA was mired in controversy when a news channel showed reports of poor maintenance of its facilities in the year 2011. Following the controversy, the Australian Government issued riders that ensured greater transparency and accountability on the part of the MLA.

Full Form of MLA: Mid-America Lumbermens Association

MLA Full Form stands for Mid-America Lumbermens Association. It refers to an American association that brings together independent lumber and construction material retailers operating in cities of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The association is aimed at promoting educational and research activities in the areas relating to lumber industry and construction works. It promises its members many advantages. MLA is affiliated with the National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association, more popularly known by its abbreviated form NLBMDA, which is nodal agency giving representation to its affiliated members in Washington D.C.

As a member of the MLA, there will many opportunities available to strike interaction with professionals in the lumber and construction industry; to hone skills; to keep oneself updated with new regulations and laws on lumber industries; to understand industry standards and how to ensure their maximum implementation; to join a network of willing business partners, etc. Thus, MLA takes on different functions to provide individuals engaged in lumber and construction industries opportunities to further their business.

MLA Full Form refers to Modern Language Association or MLA style. This is the most commonly followed style that aims to strengthen teaching and study of literature and language. The MLA style is Internationally recognized in the USA as well as all over the globe including Japan, India, China, Taiwan, etc. It is also used at all levels of grades in schools and colleges as well as established magazines, journalists, newsletters, presses, etc.

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