MIS Full Form

MIS Full Form is Management Information System. MIS is nothing but a computerized database that programs and organizes financial information to offer consistent operational reports to all levels of a management. Special reports can be quickly derived from this system without any complications. It helps managers to efficiently manage various departments in an organization with complete information of the past, present and predictive information in hand.

MIS can also have software which helps with data resources, decision-making, hardware resources, applications for project management and people management, etc. While small companies have MIS managers to analyze company issues, design, and maintain applications to solve the issues; huge organizations have an entire MIS department dedicated to resolve various issues.

MIS greatly contributes towards improving organizational efficiency, innovation, development of new products and adding value to the already existing products. In order to run any organization smoothly, there needs to be proper planning and evaluation of information on daily basis. This helps in keeping the functionality of the organization effortless and error-free. Now with the help of computer technology, all this can be achieved very easily.

MIS Full Form – Additional Information

Management Information Systems, as the name suggests, is collection and management of various information related to finance, personnel, functional data, etc. In a nutshell, one can say that MIS is the study of co-relation of technology, establishments and people. Management at any level needs planning and up-to-date database that can help in understanding the progress and functioning of the company.

Thus, the data related to different departments is gathered, processed and stored in a database for anytime quick reference. It was earlier believed that to run a management system, one needs networking and mainframe computers and small businesses or single PC unit could not deliver the same functions.

But it has been realized that even on a single computer, for example, that of a doctor or a small businessman, if data pertaining to finances, billing, external business link details, schedules and future planning is entered and stored under organized categories, then it can be said that the doctor or businessman is using management information system.

Just understand that MIS is a computer-based data collection technique that gathers the information from various internal and external sources, then processes it and stores it in a centralized computer system, so that all those who have the authority to access it can easily refer and study the current situation of the organization, as is necessary for decision makers and managers.

How is MIS important?

Management Information System has pre-defined aims and they are as follows:

Data collection: Every organization, big or small, runs on strategic planning and for this it is essential to have details about in-house as well as external resources. This may include finances, inventory, scheduled appointments, set goals etc.

Processing: Just collection of data is not sufficient. If it is not stored in an organized manner, then it creates confusion and is of no use in planning or decision making. Hence, the collected data needs to be sorted, analyzed, classified in different segments and then summarized for a brief and quick reference.

Storage of data: After processing the data, it needs to be channelized and stored in the centralized computer system so that any person within the organization can access it for planning, decision making and execution of the action. The same should be circulated within the concerned persons after periodically updating it.

If these aims are taken care of in a systematic manner, then the organization has no trouble in getting a picture graph at a glance of their progress, future plans and desired developments. The data analysis offers a look at set goals as against actually achieved targets. This helps in reconsidering the strategies and putting forth more viable and profitable options.

MIS Full Form

How can you use the information obtained through MIS?

The programmers chart out the data in a graphical form so that the managers and decision makers can see the growth of the organization and plan accordingly for the future. MIS should be based on the requirement of tactical, operational as well as strategic information of decision makers of an organization.

Management Information System should be holistic and take into consideration all the sub-systems of the organization while creating an integrated view so that the planners and decision makers have ease of execution of strategies. The MIS should be designed to give foresight and estimates along with highly developed information to provide a competitive edge. This enables the managers to take actions for the betterment of the company.

Every organization has set goals in increasing the productivity, revenue, etc. Thus, through the system, one can get a true picture of the company’s status by comparing the set goals with the actual achievement. This ascertains the future growth of the company and helps in improving the goals to get more realistic and feasible.

What are the attributes of good MIS?

Management Information System is designed to help in growth and progress of an organization. Thus, it should have the attributes of a well-developed system that facilitates effective decision making and planning for the managers.

This is a computerized system and hence, a lot can be expected from the fast processing machine.

  • The information obtained from MIS is real time. Thus, it should process the data at a quick rate and at the same time be very accurate. For this, a combination of techniques like simulation, research of operations, self-study, etc can be applied.
  • The system should have the efficiency of collection, processing and manipulation of data at a high speed and in bulk. There should be proper synchronization of internal and external sourced data.
  • Support for multi-formats is essential for uninterrupted functioning and there should be a constant revision of policies and regulations.
  • Retrieval and storage of data should have a great deal of flexibility so that there are no issues with the system at any given point in
  • Different levels of management like operational, strategic and tactical should have ready data in a well planned and factual

Scope of Management Information System

Management Information System is the integration of five main bodies of an organization. They are Accounting, Operational research, Human resources and behavioral science, Computer science and finally, Management. When all these factors are co-linked then it accounts for the smooth functioning of any establishment.

Analysis of factual data, its effects on growth and revenue, interpersonal relations between managers and junior employees, ability to communicate the decisions of management at all levels in the organization, etc are all essential for effectively running an organization.

MIS eases the pressure on decision makers by helping them arrive at proper conclusions with the systematic data handling process. A company can plan for the future course of action by merely studying the graphs and deriving feasible solutions. Any work if done in a planned manner is beneficial for progress and rapid development of an organization and MIS helps in achieving that goal.

Full Form of MIS – Michigan International Speedway

MIS Full Form stands for Michigan International Speedway. MIS  refers to a two-mile D-shaped, moderate-banked speedway situated off the United States Highway 12 covering about 1400 acres, nearly four-mile south of Brooklyn village situated in the southeastern Michigan. The track is primarily used for the purpose of NASCAR events and is often known as the “sister track” to the Texas World Speedway. It was also used as a basis of the Auto Club Speedway. The International Speedway Corporation owns the track.

The MIS is acknowledged as one of the best motorsports’ facilities due to its extensive racing surface as well as high banking. It is presently the fastest track in NASCAR because of its extensive corners, the absence of a restrictor plate requisite and the sweeping corners. Apart from motor racing, the track is a host to a number of events such as the Michigan High School Athletic Association Cross Country as well as the Make-A-Wish Bicycle Tour. It also hosts a number of concerts alongside the race weekends. Throughout the year, driving schools are organized. It also organizes the Formula SAE contest, which was previously organized at the parking area of the Pontiac Silverdome.

Since the year 2010, it has also hosted the Michigan Wine and Beer Festival and ever since the year 2013, it has been hosting the Faster Horses festival. Despite being a well-known and highly functional track, it has been prone to severe accidents, a notable number of them resulting in deaths. In the year 1981, A.J. Foyt slammed his vehicle into the Armco Barrie at the time of the Michigan 500 and nearly lost his arm. In the year 1986, Rock Baldwin crashed during Winston Cup, which put him in a coma for eleven years followed by his sad demise in the year 1997.

MIS Full Form – Madison International Speedway

Full Form of MIS refers to Madison International Speedway. MIS is a stock car racing track situated at Rutland in Wisconsin, only a few miles off the Wisconsin Highway 138. The track is called the “Track of Champions” as well as the “Wisconsin’s fastest Half Mile”. The program here runs weekly under the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. Before the year 1969, the track was only a quarter mile long. Ramo Stott was the first winner of the half mile race and Jimmy Back was the first champion of the surface. The track can provide seating facilities up to 10,000 spectators.

As of the year 2010, MIS hosted five weekly divisions. Three races are weekly organized on the half mile exterior track, namely: Area Sportsman, Hobby Stock, and Late Models. There is also a quarter mile track situated inside the half mile. Weekly division inside the quarter mile includes bandits and Legends. Other divisions include Super Trucks, Super Late Models, Ford Focus, Bandoleros, and Midgets. The track organized the Super Late Model races until the year 2008. The track also organizes events in the ASA Late Model Series and ASA Midwest Tour. In the year 2011, the track organized its first ARCA race ever since the year 1973.

The track routinely organized the American Speed Association events prior to the end of the national touring. It has hosted Mid-American Stock Care Series, the USAC Midgets, the United States Super Trucks, and the HOSS series. Some of the alumni of the MIS who have made big include Matt Kenseth, Travis Kvapil, RochBickle, Johnny Ziegler, Joe Shear, Bryan Reffner, Bobby Welberg, Dick Trickle etc. Its notable competitors also include Ryan Mathews, Brett Sontag, Nathan Haseleu, Steve Carlson, and Michael Pickens whoare among some of the most performing individuals.

Full Form of MIS – Munich International School

MIS Full Form stands for Munich International School. MIS is a private international school situated at Starnberg, Germany. MIS educates its students from EC (which is Early Child:4-5 years) to grade 12.Students travel from different areas to attend the school through a school bus network. The school is categorized into three distinct groups: Junior School, the Middle School, and the Senior School. MIS is one of the International Baccalaureate (abbreviated as IB) world School where lessons are provided in English, with German being the mandatory secondary language. It also offers other languages such as Mandarin, French, and Spanish. The school was founded in the year 1966 and shifted to its present location in the year 1968. In the year 1966, the MIS welcomed its first batch comprising 120 students.

MIS provides all three programmes of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (abbreviated as IMBYP), the IB Diploma Programme (abbreviated as IBDP), and the International Baccalaureate Organization (abbreviated as IBO)-International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (abbreviated as IBPYP). In the grade 10, it enables the students to take the IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary Education, although it is optional. MIS organizes many educational programmes and one such is the Mother Tongue Programme which encourages students to gain proficiency in their mother language or first language.

The school also holds a number of after school activities that inspire students to develop new skills and evolve interest in diverse fields. These programmes are not only educational but also socially-oriented. To foster sports, it organizes a number of contests throughout the year in softball, swimming, rugby, golf, skiing, tennis, track, and soccer.  MIS provides an international, co-educational English language educational environment for its students aged 4-18 years. To instill the best in its students, it customizes its academic standards and curriculum to be strictly adhered to in the education policy.

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