MD Full Form

MD Full Form is Doctor of Medicine. MD is an academic degree awarded in the medical profession. ‘Doctor of Medicine’ is abbreviated as MD because it is derived from the Latin word ‘Medicinae Doctor’ (which means Teacher of Medicine).

Countries following the US tradition offer MD once a student graduates from the medical school. So it is the first degree awarded in the medical profession for those who follow the US tradition. On the other hand, countries which follow the UK tradition offer MD after a student completes MBBS degree. So it is the postgraduate degree for those who follow the UK tradition.

MD Full Form: Managing Director

Full Form of MD also refers to Managing Director A Managing Director or MD is the highest ranking individual in an organization, company, or a corporate division. MD is a term which is followed in the UK tradition. In the US tradition, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the term used to refer an MD.

The person who holds the position of MD has the core responsibility for the day-to-day operations in an organization. An MD can head individual business units or can be responsible for a group of units and hence the responsibilities vary. Typically an MD reports to the board of directors and hence he can be considered as a link between the board of directors and employees of an organization.

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