MAPI Full Form Name

Full Form of MAPI:

Messaging Application Programme Interface

MAPI Full Form is Messaging Application Programme Interface. MAPI is a standard messaging architecture that is used by various and several industry-standard e-mail clients. It is a mature mechanism that is used to share or exchange data in form of e-mails and to develop messaging applications. MAPI is a COM (Component Object Model) based API system that is built into Microsoft Windows in order to enable different e-mail applications within the windows to work together, and distribute or exchange e-mails between them. MAPI relies on a standard set of C language functions.

MAPI can be categorized into two sections namely Simple MAPI and Extended MAPI. Simple MAPI allows the developers to add basic messaging functionalities by the use of a subset of 12 different and effective functions. Simple MAPI also indirectly control or allows to make programming calls through the interface.

Simple MAPI is best effective in Outlook Express or Windows Mail. Extended MAPI allows the respective messaging application to gain full control over the messaging system of the client computer. Extended MAPI proves successful with Office Outlook and Exchange. Graphic applications, word processors, and spreadsheets are some of the applications that use MAPI. Eudora, one of the leading e-mail programs in the world, uses MAPI server to develop and enhance its services.

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