MAN Full Form

MAN Full Form is Metropolitan Area Network. MAN is a computer data network that covers certain areas of a metropolitan city or even the whole city. According to its geographical range, MAN is considered to be larger than a LAN (Local Area Network) , but it is smaller than WAN (Wide Area Network).

It is communication networking technology which is mainly used in municipal or metropolitan areas so that every user, residing inside the specified metropolitan area, are interconnected and it also makes sure that they can have access to browse internet comfortably. A MAN can effectively contribute to the function, range and efficiency of a WAN. A MAN is usually constructed by optical fiber cable or other digital media. A MAN is usually characterized by the high speeds of the connection it provides.

Now-a-days, if we discuss about the construction of A MAN, we can find that Ethernet based connections, like metro Ethernet, are coming into use increasingly instead of ATM( Asynchronous Transfer Mode), SMDS (Switched Multi-megabit Data Service), and FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface). A MAN can be used to interconnect several LANs by bridging them with the help of backbone lines. Most of the large metropolitan cities use this type of network.

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