Mac OS Full Form Name

Full Form of Mac OS:

Macintosh Operating System

Mac OS Full Form is Macintosh Operating System. Mac OS is a series of graphic user interface operating system developed by APPLE Inc. for Macintosh line of computer systems. Mac OS was specially designed for 68K Motorola processors. The Macintosh operating system was first introduced in the year 1984. Several revisions are made since then to make the operating system for efficient and user-friendly. Mac OS aims to minimize a user’s conceptual awareness& Knowledge of operating systems.

The basic tasks that required more operating system knowledge could be easily done on Mac OS with mouse gestures and graphic controls. This differentiates Mac OS from its competitors like MS-DOS, which used complicated textual commands and abbreviations to get the tasks done. The operating system has more memory and robust programs as compared to other operating systems.

The selection of software and programs are focused on the creative industry, and the operating system is enabled with programs that facilitate professional graphic designing, audio, and video editing. Office applications such as Microsoft Office, MacWrite, OpenOffice, etc. are also available.The browsers include iCab, Netscape, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Some software and programs are not compatible with Mac OS thereby limiting its usability. Mac OSX was introduced in the year 2001, renamed as OSX in 2012 is the latest version of an operating system by Apple.

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