LOGO Full Form Name: LOGO Meaning

LOGO Full Form? Logo is essentially an educational programming language that was created in the year 1967 by Wally Feurzeig, Daniel G. Bobrow, Cynthia Solomon, and Seymour Papert. The language is now remembered for its application of turtle graphics, in which the commands relating to movements and drawing generated line graphics with a small robot known as a turtle or on screen. The language was conceptualized for teaching basic concepts of programming relating to Lisp and to allow the body syntonic reasoning in which students could understand the motion of turtle by placing themselves in the shoes of the turtle. There are many variations of Turtle available, each featuring substantial differences with another.

Logo is basically a multi-paradigm adaptation and a form of Lisp dialect. There is no standardized form of Logo, however, UCBLOgo provides best facilities for the purposes of handling files, lists, Input/Output, recursion in scripts etc. and can be effectively used for teaching all computer science theories and concepts. For the purpose of tertiary level teaching, Scheme is preferred over Logo. The name LOGO is not an acronym and was derived from a Greek word logo which means a thought or word. The word was picked for distinguishing the programming language with others that were not graphic oriented.

Many modern forms of Logo enable many independently moving turtles. There are two popular forms of implementations: StarLogo of MIT and NetLogo. These implementations enable exploration of the emergent phenomenon and come up with several experiments in biology, science, physics, social studies, and other areas. Among the two, NetLogo is extensively used in agent-depended stimulation in the social and biological sciences. Despite the lack of a single standard, there is a wide consensus on the core ingredients of the language. Some examples of Logo inspired languages are Apple Logo, UCBLogo, ObjectLOGO, MSWLOGO, aUCBLogo, Atari Logo, etc.

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