LMAO Full Form Name

Full Form of LMAO:

Laughing My Ass Off

LMAO Full Form is Laughing My Ass Off.  LMAO is just like ROFL but the only difference is the use of terminology with the former’s being vulgar. The expression is used when the person cannot contain his amusement and there is an outburst of laughter. Its use is no different from that of ROFL. This acronym has become extensively popular in recent years. Now that certain previously offensive words have become pretty much acceptable in ordinary conversations such as Ass, LMAO has thus gained significant popularity.

The exact origin of LMAO is debated. In the year 1989, the acronym LMTO, which means Laughing my Tush Off, was already in vogue and a more vulgar version of the same (LMAO) was probably coined a year later in an online game called Dungeons & Dragons.  So, clearly, it was actually a little jugglery of words that caused the creation of the now immensely  popular internet slang LMAO. So go crass and Laugh your ass off! The internet audience will know how you feel. Some examples involving use of LMAO are as follows:

  • You heard the joke right. I was like literally LMAO.
  • You call that a party. LMAO

From the last example, one can get the idea that LMAO can also be used sarcastically. So, it all depends upon how we use the term. However, you can go for ROFL, as mentioned before, and give your expressions a neater tone. Else, the meaning is the same.

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