LKG Full Form

LKG Full Form is Lower Kinder Garten. Almost every child in India goes through LKG as the first step of education.  The first two parts of education, which is almost mandatory for every child to enter the primary education in India are LKG and UKG. UKG refers to Upper Kinder Garten. In India, LKG could either be the first stage of a child’s education or a child could have completed pre-nursery or playschool beforehand.

The age restriction followed in most schools for admission of LKG is 3 years. Some schools are flexible and this entirely depends on the management. Children learn several poems, dance, syllables, etc. in LKG. Most schools teach only oral pronunciation of the alphabets. Whereas; some schools teach them to hold the pencil and draw straight lines and sleeping lines. This would help the children to write alphabets in a much clear and easy way.