JDBC Full Form Name

Full Form of JDBC:

Java Database Connectivity

JDBC Full Form is Java Database Connectivity. JDBC is an application program interface (API) with the condition for linking documents in Java to the data in common databases. The API allows encrypting retrieve application reports in Structured Query Language (SQL) which is thereby delivered to the program that operates the database. JDBC is an element of the Java Standard Edition platform, from Oracle Corporation. It comprises of means to probe and revise information in a database and is focused towards interactive databases. A JDBC-to-ODBC association permits networks to any ODBC- available data source in the Java virtual machine (JVM) host setting

Beginning with version 3.1, JDBC has progressed in the Java Community [D1] Process. The up-to-date version, JDBC 4.2, is detailed by a maintenance release 2 of JSR 221 and comprises Java SE. JDBC sanctions numerous applications to occur and be applied by the same request. The API lets the application to load the correct Java packages and documenting them with the JDBC Driver Manager. JDBC Driver Manager is employed as a linking factory for making JDBC connections.

The URL here is reliant on the specific database and JDBC driver always start with the “JDBC:” protocol. JDBC was formed by JavaSoft, a supplementary of Sun Microsystems. If a database method declines, JDBC raises anSQLException. Usually, it’s impossible to recover from such an error, other than logging it with as much information as possible. It is suggested that the SQLException be translated into an application domain exemption, an unchecked one; that ultimately causes in an operation rollback and notification to the user.

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