JAVA Full Form Name: JAVA Meaning

JAVA Full Form? It is a Slang which refers to “Coffee“. Java is essentially a set of various computer software and specifications created by Sun Microsystems, which the Oracle Corporation later acquired. Java makes provision of a system for the purposes of developing application software and facilitating its deployment in a cross-platform computing atmosphere. It is extensively used in several computing platforms from mobile phones and embedded devices to supercomputers and enterprise servers.

While there are few common-than-standalone Java-powered applications, Java applets operates in a secure, sandboxed environment for providing several native applications’ native features and can be easily embedded in the Hyper Text Multi Language (abbreviated as HTML) pages. The latest version in the market is Java 8, which is the only supported version as far as 2016 is concerned. Oracle has cautioned the use of older versions of Java as there are security risks involved. The Java platform is basically a suite of programs facilitating development and operation of programs written with the help of Java programming language.

This will, however, include an execution machine known as a virtual machine, a set of libraries, and a compiler. Java is not particular to any operating system or processor and can be widely implemented. Different Java platforms have different targets. For example, Java Card is a technology allowing small Java-operated applications (commonly known as applets) to run securely on small memory devices such as smart cards; Java ME, which comprises sets of libraries for devices possessing limited storage, power capacities, and display and is often used in the development of mobile applications.

Java SE is designed for general use on PCs, servers, and other similarly placed devices; and Java EE is useful for the purposes of client-server enterprise applications. The official mascot of Java is Duke. While announcing the release of Java ME and Java SE under the GNU General Public Licence, the Sun Microsystems introduced the Duke graphics under the BSD licence simultaneously. A fresh personality of Duke is created every year. For instance, in the year 2011, the company released “Future Tech Duke” which possessed a bigger nose, blue wings, and a jetpack. Each Duke personality has some or other thing to present every year based on the latest incorporations in the Java and its platforms.

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