IMAP Full Form Name

Full Form of IMAP:

Internet Message Access Protocol

IMAP Full Form is Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is a standard internet protocol that is used for retrieval and storage of e-mail messages and it helps the user to access the e-mails from the local server. It usually synchronizes with the server and maintains the message status across several different e-mail clients. The first IMAP was developed in 1986. It was basically introduced as an efficient alternative to POP ( Post Office Protocol).

If a user uses POP, he will be able to read the e-mail from only one device. Because POP simply downloads the e-mail from the server to the user device. This is where IMAP comes into effective use. IMAP helps the user to synchronize e-mail messages between the server and other user devices. Messages are kept stored on the server. Whenever the user wants to read a mail using IMAP, it connects with the server and allows the user to read the email.

Thus, a person can gain access to his e-mail messages even upon numerous devices. But in order to perform such task, IMAP needs continuous and throughout access over the server when you decide to read an e-mail. It is simply a remote file server. As the world becoming more dependent on technology and mobility, popularity and use of IMAP is growing by leaps and bounds.

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