IFB Full Form Name

Full Form of IFB:

Indian Fine Bank

IFB Full Form is Indian Fine Bank. IFB is a tool and appliances manufacturer company based in India. The main aim of IFB is to manufacture fine blanked tools and press tools with the help of advanced and utmost efficient engineering technologies. Incorporated in West Bengal and formed in 1974, IFB Industries Ltd. started its journey with the cooperation of Hienrich Schmid AG which is based in Switzerland.

The engineering units of IFB are based in Kolkata and Bangalore. IFB manufactures necessary and important machine tools like strip loaders, straighteners, and decoilers. Apart from machine tools, IFB produces expertly engineered and uniquely designed appliances for the household.

Dishwashers, microwave ovens, chimneys, refrigerators, water purifiers, built-in ovens and hobs, washing machines, air conditioners are the commonly known IFB appliances available in the market. IFB also manufactures automotive products related to door systems, seating systems, and automotive motors. This company is also engaged in agro industries.

IFB produces and supplies grain based distilleries, India made Indian liquor and sea foods (mainly prawns) of great quality. The automotive section is based in Bangalore and the agro plants are located in West Bengal. IFB is also involved in promoting corporate social responsibilities. They are involved in the development of education, health and hygiene awareness, economical development in rural areas, women empowerment, disability management, and balance in the biological and ecological system.

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