ICRA Full Form Name

Full Form of ICRA:

Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency

ICRA Full Form is Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency. ICRA of India is a public organization or agency that operates to provide information on investment issues and gives evaluated ratings on the issues of credit allotment. ICRA is an associate of a leading credit rating corporation known as Moody’s. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Gurgaon, ICRA provides detailed information about investment credentials of a financial organization and credit worthiness of a debtor company.

Numerous commercial banks and other financial organizations in India depend on the information report of ICRA. ICRA conducts detail studies, mainly on the regional and national basis, on longing debtors and it examines their business policies, business growth potentials, trustworthiness among consumers, financial approaches and past ventures. Based on these major facts, ICRA prepares a report about the potential ability of the debtor to pay back the allotted debt at a given rate and within the given time.

It also prepares and publishes rating reports on corporate organizations, construction companies, health care and health services institutions, mutual funds and companies from many other sectors. Currently, there are six subsidiaries of ICRA among them three subsidiaries can be categorized on the basis of their operational locations (Srilanka, Indonesia, and Nepal), and three of them can be categorized on the basis of their functional services ( techno analytics, online services, and consulting services).

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