ICE Full Form Name

Full Form of ICE:

In Case of Emergency

ICE Full Form is In Case of Emergency. ICE refers to the system of contacting the close relative of the person who is in need of emergency support. This system is designed and developed to help the people in case of any sort of emergency. ICE basically refers to a programming service or application in a mobile cell-phone. The programming of ICE was first conceived in 2004 by Bob Brotchie, a paramedic expert from Britain. An individual can put or register contact details of one or more person in their address book of mobile phones.

These contacts are regarded as emergency contacts. ICE works efficiently in a situation when the owner of the mobile gets into any sort of trouble or any emergency. This ICE programming allows the primary respondents like police officers, paramedic staffs, staffs from firefighting department, or even the hospital staffs to establish contact with one or more people who are close to that person.

They can choose one or multiple options from the list as it has been created by the owner of the phone. Various software developers have released such ICE programming apps that can come in the aid of common people. A number of surveys have been conducted and numerous campaigns have been initiated only to determine people’s opinion about the programming and to increase the awareness about ICE among everyone.

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