ICC Full Form

ICC Full Form is International Cricket Council. ICC is the international body that governs the sport of cricket. It was founded originally as the Imperial Cricket Conference in the year 1909 by the representatives of South Africa, Australia, and England. It was later rechristened as the International Cricket Conference in the year 1965. It was in the year 1985 that it became to be known as the International Cricket Council. ICC is in charge of the governance and organizing of major cricket tournaments at the International level. The ICC presently has 106 members in which 10 members are designated as Full Members that are entitled to play Test Matches; 38 Associate Members, and finally 57 Affiliate Members.

The ICC is the body responsible for the organization and management of major international cricket tournaments, particularly the Cricket World Cup. It is also responsible for the appointment of referees and umpires for all sectioned One Day International, test matches, and T20 Internationals. It has promulgated the ICC Code of Conduct, which serves as the principal framework prescribing professional discipline standards. ICC is however not responsible for the governance of domestic cricket matches organized by member countries. Additionally, it does not create the laws of the game, which is the responsibility of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

In the organizational set-up, the Chairman is the person at the helm of the Board of Directors. The function of the ICC President is generally honorary. The ICC obtains income from various tournaments it conducts, particularly from the Cricket World Cup. The income so accumulated is distributed among its members. The primary sources are television rights and sponsorship, which have generated income in billions. It, however, does not generate income from One Day International, T20, and Test matches, as these are conducted by member nations. It is planning to come up with a number of International events that can contribute to the generating revenue.

ICC Full Form also refers to International Criminal Court, which is a permanent and independent court that takes care of cases of International concerns with most serious crimes. ICC comprises of 123 countries as of 2015. ICC takes into trial only cases that are accused of most dreadful crimes. ICC observes highest standards of justice and the Rome Statute governs the entire jurisdiction.

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