HSR Full Form Name

Full Form of HSR:

Horizontal Scan Rate

HSR Full Form is Horizontal Scan Rate. A cathode ray tube or a CRT is used for describing the number of lines that are displayed every second by moving the electronic beam from the display’s left side to the right side. This procedure is repeated until the entire scanning procedure gets complete. The frequency at which the cathode ray tube does this is called HSR or Horizontal Scan Rate. It is also known as the horizontal frequency and is expressed using the unit of kilohertz. Before the display gets visible, some of the horizontal scans are included in the CRT timings.

There is no direct correlation between the horizontal scan rate and the visible display lines when the tube moves from bottom to top. The vertical blank time, during this motion, includes the movement of the tube on the vertical front porch, vertical back porch, and vertical sync width. Since an essential part of total lines consist of the total blank time; the HSR can be utilized for approximating the display lines. This factor limits the CRT display considerably.

This limit depends heavily on the quickness of the yoke of the CRT in moving the electron beam from one side to the other side of the display. The refresh rate is defined as the frequency of the electron beam to move from bottom to top of the display. It can be deduced by the division between the HSR and total horizontal lines. The answer is then multiplied by 1.05. A monitor, for example, having 96 kHz as HSF or horizontal scanning frequency and consisting of 1280*1024 resolutions, will have the 89 Hz of refresh rate. The horizontal frequency of analog television systems is usually 15.700 KHz.

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