HSPA Full Form Name

Full Form of HSPA:

High-Speed Packet Access

HSPA Full Form is High-Speed Packet Access. HSPA is a combination of cellular device protocols for mobile broadband services. It is used in telecommunication networks. This technology supports high transfer speeds for data.  HSPA can be called a 3.5G technology, as it greatly improves 3G. The speed is ideal for usage on the internet on the mobile device, as well as VOIP. Majorly, there are two Components of High-Speed Packet Access: High-speed uplink and High-speed downlink.

The transition of High-Speed Packet Access took place to ensure usability for users who are mainly looking for data, compared to voice and texts on their mobiles. This technology is perfect for users working on smartphones. As the users of HSPA will be using the internet on a higher level by browsing web pages and downloading various applications, the traffic on the telecom channel will be higher on the downlink, compared to the uplink. HSPA is also beneficial as it has a lower Transmission Time Interval (TTI), which means that the tracking of fast channel variations will be faster and there will be reduced latency.

It can be called the fastest 3G cellular protocol as it can support data rates up to 84mpbs for downloads and 22mpbs for uploads. In order for the data to be transferred at a higher rate, 16QAM is used in the downlink. HSPA is useful for the network operator too, as it helps in cost reduction as well as increased system capacity. Overall, we can say that since HSPA can be created using current GSM radio networks, it can be considered an upgrade of software for the existing WCDMA networks.

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