HRD Full Form Name

Full Form of HRD:

Human Resource Department

HRD Full Form is Human Resource Department. HRD refers to a specific department of any business organization. This department mainly deals with the operations, tracking, employment, administration, and beneficial programmes of the individuals within the company. HRD also helps to organize employees, manage relationship with them and administer them to achieve the desired goal of the organization.

It is a critical and vital component, in any company, that helps to assure the well-being of the employees. Any type of miscommunication or mix up in this department can cause employee dissatisfaction and it can further stretch to huge legal problems. HRD also controls the flow and transfer of any information. This transfer is done step by step, where an employee cannot pass any official information, to any other person, avoiding his immediate superior. The functions and responsibilities of the HRD in any organization is more or less the same.

HRDs are mainly responsible for employee recruitment, their training and skill development, administration of compensation and benefits for the employees, health and safety matters within the company, management of the relationship with employees and labors, and adequate compliance with employment. HRDs are formed with the intention of making most out of the available human resources in an organization. It is an essential functionary for the achievement of development irrespective of the expansion and recognition of any business company.

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