Honda Full Form Name

Honda Full Form came from the name of its founder Soichiro Honda. Honda is mainly a public global corporation of Japan. It is known for manufacturing power equipment, motorcycles, and automobiles. Honda is the biggest internal combustion engine manufacturer according to with the volume. Every year, it produces nearly fourteen million combustion engines. In the year two thousand and one, Honda became the second biggest manufacturing company of automobiles in Japan.

Honda also released Acura in the market in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-six. It also manufactures other products like power generators, marine engines, personal watercrafts and garden equipment. This company has also been working with robotic research since the year 1986. Some of the joint ventures of this company include Hero Honda Motorcycles, Dongfeng Honda, Honda Atlas and Honda Siel Cars.

GE Honda Aero Engines was founded in the year two thousand and four. It deals with aerospace technology. There are two joint ventures of this company in China, which are Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda. The assembly plants of Honda are in various places throughout the world. They are situated in Argentina, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, México, Belgium, England, Pakistan, the United States, Peru, Turkey, New Zealand, and Belgium.

Honda invested six billion dollars, which was six percent of its total revenue in development and research in the year two thousand and thirteen. It also became the first automaker of Japan to be a net exporter to the US during the same year. It exported more than one hundred thousand Acura and Honda Models. It imported only eighty-eight thousand models. The power equipments produced by this company includes generator, trimmer, engine, mower, pumps, hedge trimmer, lawn mower, blower, inflatable boat, sprayer, electric scooter and outboard engine.

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