HCL Full Form Name

Full Form of HCL:

Hindustan Computers Limited

HCL Full Form is Hindustan Computers Limited. It is an Indian software company based in Noida city of Utter Pradesh. It was founded by Mr. Shiv Nadar in the year 1991. Of the many well-known multinational companies that offer services in areas relating to Information Technology particularly in India, HCL Technologies Limited is one big name.

It is, and as mentioned earlier, a multinational company and a homegrown subsidiary of the HCL Enterprise. The company started off as a functional unit of Research and Development of the HCL Limited but started discharging independent functions from the year 1991.

The change happened when HCL Limited made announcements to venture into the field of software technologies and information technology solutions. The company is known for its services in areas pertaining to enterprise transformation, Information Technology Consulting, engineering, Remote Infrastructure Management (abbreviated as RIM). The company is best known for its Business Process Outsourcing (abbreviated as BPO).

The company has expanded a lot within a relatively short span of time and currently manages offices in about 32 countries and has engaged itself in other fields such as defense, aerospace, consumer gadgets, automotive technology, retail, oil industry, entertainment industry and whatnot. It has garnered immense reputation and has secured a place in the Forbes Global 2000 ranking. It is presently one of the most powerful companies in Asia, being the top ranked, biggest publicly traded enterprise in the country.

The current Chief Security Officer (abbreviated as CSO) is Shiv Nadar whereas the Chief Executive Officer (abbreviated as CEO) is Anant Gupta. The official tagline of the company is “Relationship Beyond the Contract”. Now with this brief overview, we move on to five interesting facts about HCL that one must know:

Acquisitions of HCL

The company has grown into a strong multinational company in the world. It has engaged itself in various amalgamation ventures. Some of the acquisitions undertaken by the company include acquisition of Capital Stream Inc., which was an American company engaged in automation solutions, in the year 2008; Control Point Solutions, Inc., which was involved in Telecom services, in the year 2008; Liberata Financial Service, which was engaged in BPO; among many others.

Operations of the company

As mentioned earlier, the company has offices in 32 countries across the globe. It has founded its operational offices in countries such as China, India, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Denmark, France, Poland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Puerto Rico, etc.

Business Lines of HCL

Different business lines are as follows:

  • Application services: The divisional unit is engaged in integrated transformation facilities in the fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, consumer gadgets, and other domains.
  • Business Services: This unit deals with the provision of BPO services in different industries. This division has a big team comprising 14,000 professionals operating from the United States of America, Ireland, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, etc. The company implements a global delivery model for the purposes of seamless operations.
  • Engineering and research related services: Also known as Engineering and R&D Services (abbreviated as ERS), the division unit engages in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Social Media, Big Data Analytics, Product Intelligence, and Digitalization.
  • The company is engaged in Infrastructure Management Services (Abbreviated as IMS).

Apart from this, the company has actively ventured into various partnerships and alliances. The company has top notch global alliances with giants such as Cisco, Microsoft, Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (abbreviated as SAP SE), and EMC Technologies. Other alliances include Oracle, ServiceNow, Amazon Web Services, McAfee, Check Point, etc.  The company has also involved itself in specialist partnerships such as Guidewire, Splunk, NetApp, Pega, MicroStrategy, Hybris, JDA, Appian, TeraData, etc.

HCL Corporate Social Responsibility

The company has, as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, come up with many initiatives:

  • Power of One: It is a programme that focuses on various social activities and initiatives. Under this project are Project Samudhay, which deals with adoption of 100 villages and encouragement of transformation in these villages, particularly in five key areas such as education, malnutrition, health, women’s welfare, and water, and sanitation; and Udhyan Ghar, which involves association with more than 55 non-governmental organizations (abbreviated as NGOs) with the purpose of promoting community development. Under this initiative, the company has been engaged in several concerts that provide a stage to young classical artists.
  • Go Green: It is an environmental initiative that deals with green processes and environmental travel. Under the initiative, GreenEdge framework has been instituted to address several challenges. Under this initiative, the company was the first one to announce a PVC and BFR free laptop. The company also collaborated with the World Economic Forum (abbreviated as WEF). Thus, under this initiative, the company has introduced various sustainable reforms in respect of environmental development and preservation.

Honors for HCL

HCL has contributed immensely in various fields and this is palpable from the number of accolades received by the company. In the year 2015, the company was awarded the Aecus Innovation Award for the implementation of a control center for the company Unilever. In the previous year, it was acknowledged as the Best Governed Company by Asian Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability. In the same year, the company received the HR Excellence Award for its innovative technology in Human Resources, Alongside, CNBC-TV18, the company was acknowledged as the Outstanding Company for the year.

Apart from the aforementioned recognitions, the company has also been named by Bloomberg Businessweek in it’s The World’s Most Influential Companies. It has been ranked as one of the most accountable, trustworthy and transparent companies in the world by the popular the Wall Street Journal. The works of HCL have found mention by Harvard University, London Business School, and Harvard Business Review, etc. HCL is one of the most credible brands in the country, with the Brand Finance Report 2015 naming it among the top ten Indian brands in and around the country. Additionally, it is also one of the most democratic workplaces across the globe.

Services offered by HCL:

HCL offers various Information Technology related products and services which include; IT consultation, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), engineering R&D (Research and Development), infrastructure management, enterprise transformation, and management, etc…

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