GNU Full Form

GNU Full Form is GNU’s Not Unix. GNU is a computer operating system which is similar to Unix. It is pronounced as ‘guh-noo’. It was developed by Free Software Foundation – GNU Project. The GNU project was started by Richard Stallman in 1984. GNU is free software which is totally compatible with Unix. Though it is so much similar to Unix, it is different in being free software with no Unix code. (That’s the reason it is named as GNU’s Not Unix).

Linux systems heavily rely on GNU software. Earlier, GNU used Linux Kernel. Hence, most often GNU was confused with GNU. The concept of ‘free software system’ makes users take control of their computing. In non-free software, the software developers have all the copyrights. This free software gives the freedom to copy, run, study, distribute, or even make improvements to the software.

GNU Full Form – Government of National Unity

Full Form of GNU is Government of National Unity. GNU was basically an arrangement found in the interim Constitution of South Arica. Between the period 1995 and 1997, South Africa was under the governance of an Interim Constitution. Clause 88 of the same mandated any party that holds 20 or more seats in National Assembly could make a claim in one or more cabinet positions and become part of the government. Such arrangement was the provision of GNU.

In the year 1994, the political party African National Congress attained the majority in the National Assembly and was in a position to form its own government. The two main parties who used the GNU provision were the Inkatha Freedom Party and the National Party and they were able to secure cabinet portfolios for a few members. The objective behind the GNU is to provide correction of economic and social injustices caused by the Apartheid practice that had plagued the nation devastatingly. It provided a direction towards the formulation of a final Constitution.

It was, however, necessary for the GNU to be inclusive of the opinion and demands of the civilian South Africans. For this purpose, the GNU conducted big media campaigns to motivate people to become part of the constitution making process. On May 8, 1996, the National Assembly adopted the final Constitution. In the year 1999, the need of a GNU lapsed, even though the parties the Arzanian People’s Organization and the Inkatha Freedom Party continued holding seats until the 2004 elections.

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