GIGO Full Form

GIGO Full Form is Garbage in Garbage Out. The operations of a computer are based on the logical processes. The fact that the computers will process every data, no matter how nonsensical and unintended it is, and produce equally nonsensical and undesired output, is called the GIGO or Garbage in Garbage Out.  In addition to its application in the technologies of communication, information, and computer science, it is applicable in other areas too. There are many uses of GIGO. The poor quality of a digital video file or an audio file can be explained with the help of this term.

Although the 1st step to clean a signal involves digitizing, it does not help in the quality improvement. The defects that are already present in the analogue signal will still be recorded. The identification of these defects, as well as their removal is possible by the step-by-step procedure of DSP or digital signal processing. The imprecise, incomplete or faulty data may lead to failures in the decision making of humans. These failures are usually described by the GIGO.

Though this issue came into being even before the age of computers, the GIGO is still applicable here. The GIGO is applied in the audiology used for describing the procedure that takes place at the DCN or dorsal cochlear nucleus, in the presence of auditory spectrum disorder. This takes place when the neural that fires from cochlea do not synchronize. This results in the sound filled with static being fed into the DCN. This is then passed into the auditory cortex.

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