GB Road Full Form Name

Full Form of GB Road:

Garstin Bastion Road

GB Road Full Form is Garstin Bastion Road. A road in Delhi, that connects Lahori Gate and Ajmeri Gate, is referred to as the GB Road or Garstin Bastion Road. In Delhi, it is the biggest red light district. This area consists of a large number of brothels in multi-story buildings. More than a thousand sex works reside in this area. The ground floor of these multi-story buildings is used for operating shops. The first floor of nearly 20 of these buildings is occupied by around a hundred brothels. These brothels operate during night time. In the year 1966, the name of the road was altered to SSM or Swami Shradhanand Marg.

The market on this road is well known for selling tools, various parts of automobile, machines and hardware. In the NCR or National Capital Region, it is the biggest market that sells these items. Since this area is commercialized, the road is busy during the daytime with persons and vehicles. The road segment that begins from Ajmeri Gate to Farash Khana, which is located on a small intersection, consists of shops on the buildings’ ground floor. The 1st and the 2nd floor are used for operating brothels or Kothas.

The houses and streets dedicated to the residential area occupy the road’s backside. The crime rate in this area during the night time increase dangerously. The crimes like snatching of phones, watches and wallets, and mugging are common on this road. In the year 2012, some muggers stabbed an on-duty policeman, when he tried to prevent the stabbing of a man from a criminal gang.

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