GB Full Form Name

Full Form of GB:


GB Full Form is Gigabyte. A multiple of the ‘byte’ unit used in the digital information is called the GB or Gigabyte. In the SI system, the ‘Giga’ prefix means 109. Hence, 1 gigabyte equals to 1000000000 bytes. The definition stated above is utilized in all areas of business, engineering, and science. Numerous fields of computing like speeds of transmitting data, solid state drive, hard drives and capacities of tape also use this definition. There are certain areas of the information technology and computer science that uses this term for denoting 1073741824, or 230 or 10243 bytes. This holds true especially in the case of RAM sizes.

For the RAM used in semiconductors, 1 GB equals to 1073741 bytes. The number of bytes denoted by one gigabyte in the case of the capacities of hard drives as marketed and described by the manufacturers is 1000000000 bytes. The capacity of a five hundred gigabyte drive, for instance, is described as four hundred and sixty-five gigabytes. In this, one gigabyte denotes 1073741824 bytes.For removing this confusion, the SI system has standardized the binary prefixes.

Hence, an integral power of 1024 is denoted by each binary prefix. In accordance with these prefixes, a module of a memory of one-gigabyte size is denoted by one gibibyte or 1 GiB. Some of the examples of storage of size 1 gigabyte are (1) A Blue-ray disc of one layer is capable of holding around twenty-five gigabytes of data. (2) A DVD+R disc having two layers can hold eight gigabytes of data. (3) A Blue-ray Disc of two layers can hold fifty gigabytes of data. (4) A high definition television video of 7 minutes holds one gigabyte of data.

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