Full Form of NEWS

Full Form of NEWS :

North East West South

Full Form of NEWS is North East West South (or) NEWest Information. This is a very hypothetical term assigned to NEWs. Essentially, the term news refers to the packaged information given on current happenings and events and broadcasted. News can be referred as the passing on of information of events and happenings through various means. It could be through word of mouth, postal systems, magazines, broadcasting on TV or Radio, electronic communication, printing, and publishing. The most common topics of NEWS include politics, war, business, sports, weather, and more. Currently, however, magazines and papers also include day-to-day happenings in various parts of the city, comics, puzzles, ads, and more.

It is important to remain updated with daily affairs of the world around you. Well, we do not mean gossip. We mean news. We should update ourselves with daily current affairs, popularly known as NEWS so that we appreciate the current and developing stories around that may or may not affect us. In this article, we shall talk about NEWS, which undoubtedly has an important role to play in our daily lives. After all, your knowledge affects so many things in your life—from academic to general daily life—you can’t afford to miss this discussion. So, here are three things about NEWS you should know about:

What is NEWS?

NEWS is an essential information relating to current affairs that generally comes in a packaged form. NEWS is disseminated through many modes of communications such as postal systems, word of mouth, broadcasting, electronic communication and printing. Some of the most commonly dealt topics in NEWS include politics around the world, inter-governmental exchanges, and agreements, national and international major events, sports, war, etc. NEWS also covers information on less important matters such as celebrity lives and comical events around the world. However, since time immemorial, governmental proclamations and related policies and laws have remained primary focus areas in NEWS.

The essence of NEWS is that humans exhibit a tendency to know and communicate information about things that affect them. They satisfy this desire by means of interpersonal communication or broadcasting. It is this tendency to know more and more about what is happening around oneself that has made NEWS industry one of the most lucrative industries in the world. While this urge to know is universal, it can very well subject to the mandates of the political system of governance. For example, many countries do not promote liberated NEWS communication and subject it to multiple regulatory clogs.

NEWS media in the contemporary world

Many modes of communication of information have emerged, especially in the NES industry. Digital and electronic media, however, has taken a lead among all the modes currently in use. Some of the modes have been mentioned below:

The newspaper has been historically used for dissemination of information relating to current affairs. Earlier, there were morning and afternoon newspapers but due to increasing production cost and introduction of new media, afternoon newspapers have become defunct. In today’s world, many newspapers have established a monopoly in particular regions and this is widely found in countries such as China and India. Interestingly, three of the world’s widely published newspapers do not come from the West but East from Japan.

As far as revenue is concerned, the newspapers generate most of their revenue from advertising and sales. Many newspapers, however, have switched to digitalization wherein they offer the users to subscribe to avail special services. A significant number of newspapers run both offline and online.

Television is another popular medium of NEWS. There are regional, national, and international NEWS channels that cater to different sections of news daily. While regional and national NEWS channel have circumscribed their area of operation, international NEWS channels transmit NEWS across many countries. Some of the examples of international NEWS are BBC World News, CNN, Al-Jazeera, etc. Currently, the largest provider of international NEWS is Reuters, which operate in about 83 countries.

The Internet is probably the most powerful platform for NEWS enthusiasts and enterprises. Online Journalism is a fashionable trend which has picked up the pace in the last decade. However, there are issues with the rise of spurious news-makers, which is troublesome. Otherwise, Online Journalism is the most convenient mode of dissemination in this busy world we live in.

NEWS values

Every professional embodies certain principles to guide the entrants and professionals. These values, if it is the right term to refer to these principles, are essential in ensuring authenticity, sincerity, and equilibrium in a profession. So, a profession as important as Journalism needs to observe strict adherence to certain principles.

Commonly, NEWS should cater to five questions: who, when, what, how, and why. These five questions are famously known as Five Ws. The underlining idea is that NEWS should give a holistic picture and the reporting agency or person should not indulge in cherry picking (something that has bad consequences for both reporter and the audience).

Among other values, prejudice is considered fatal to the entire institution of journalism. There should be exhibition or transmission of NEWS based on objective collection and analysis of the information. Personal bias should be kept aloof from reporting however, recent trends show that NEWS reporting institutions follow a predetermined agenda towards certain information, which contributes to the poor quality and half-baked understanding of the issue.

There are many organizations established that have drafted essential principles of journalism. Many emphasize on a liberated press set-up so that the sacredness of journalism is preserved. All of this underscores the importance of Journalism and how much we need to protect it from political, economic and social pollution.

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