FTP Full Form

FTP Full Form is File Transfer Protocol. FTP is the standard protocol which is used in exchanging files over a TCP  ( Transmission Control Protocol) based network like Internet. It is mainly used to transfer data in forms of computer files from one host to the other host in the network. Like HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is used for transferring web pages from the server to the browser of the destination computer, FTP is used for data transfer through TCP/IP.

FTP enables the communication network to run smoothly and easily. It allows and enables the internet users to download a file from a server , and to upload a file like a web page to the server. It is very efficient in both delivery and reception. It is basically built on a client-server architecture where separate connections and data control is used between them.

FTP users can authenticate themselves by registered username and password, but sometimes the server allows them to use FTP anonymously. ASCII mode, image mode, EBCDIC mode and local mode — these are four types of data presentation that can be used while transferring data over the network. Furthermore, data transfer can be made through any of the three modes — stream mode, block mode and compressed mode.