FOR Full Form Name

Full Form of FOR:

Freight on Road

FOR Full Form is Freight on Road. Roads are considered to be efficient and one of the quickest modes of transport. Freight on Road (F.O.R) is direct charges imposed for using roads, road tolls, congestion charges ,distance-based fees. The charges are levied to put off the use of certain polluting vehicles or fuel. These charges are primarily collected for generating revenue and are generally used for road infrastructure financing or for fulfilling any transportation demand.

The main aim is to reduce traffic and other social and environmental factors that are associated with roads such as emitting of greenhouse gas, air pollution, noise, and road accidents etc. In many countries toll payments in roads, tunnel or bridges are used as the main source to generate revenue and repay debt or loan avail to finance the road. If one orders goods on FOR basis the charges like freight, insurance, tolls etc. are borne by the seller. It is also called as Freight on Board (F.O.B). FOB is a most frequently used term in context to export sales.

One pays F.O.R when roads are used as a means of transportation for transporting goods from one place to another. In the case of exporting goods by sea, one has to pay freight and will have to take into the consideration F.O.R.  Road freight is an integral part of the logistics and transportation system. Road freight charges are lower than any other freight charges either by sea or air.  All the necessary documents related to customs, insurance, and goods must be prepared and maintained accurately to avoid delay in delivery of goods.

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