FO Full Form Name

Full Form of FO:

Fiber Optics

FO Full Form is Fiber Optics. The FO or Fiber Optics is a technique utilized for transmitting information to various places using optical fibers. The light pulses that are sent through the optical fiber helps by forming ECWs or Electromagnetic Carrier Waves. These ECWs are modulated for carrying information. The fiber optics were developed in the year 1970. These have aided in revolutionizing the entire industry of telecommunications immensely. A major role is played by them in starting the information age.

Since, the benefits of the optical fibers outweigh those of the electrical transmission, the communication method through the copper wires are now limited to the core networks in the developed nations.  A large number of telecommunication companies are using optical fiber for transmitting signals of cable television and telephone, and also for internet communications. There are numerous trade-offs on the basis of which the choice between the copper or electrical transmission is made for a particular system. Those systems that span distances longer than then the distances accommodated by the electrical cabling, use optical fibers. The same is true for the systems that need higher bandwidth.

The advantages of optical fiber include its inherent high capacity of carrying data, the absence of power issues, ground currents and additional parasite signals and extremely low loss. An additional advantage associated with an optical fiber is the absence of crosstalk, even though they are placed alongside each other and operate simultaneously. Also, they can be installed in places that have a large amount of EMI or electromagnetic interference, like alongside railway tracks, power lines, and utility lines.

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