FILA Full Form Name: FILA Meaning

FILA Full Form? The word FILA does not have any full form as it is just the name of a company. Fila, Inc is essentially an Italian-South Korean company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of sports goods. It was established in the year 1911 in Italy and is presently among the world’s biggest sportswear brands. In the year 2007, Fila Korea took over major of its operations and the company is now completely owned as well as operated from South Korea. The company currently operates offices in 11 nations across the globe. Fila was originally founded in Biella, Piedmont in the year 1909.

It was initially involved in the manufacture of apparels for the people residing in the Italian Alps but switched to the present manufacture of sportswear for kids, men, women, and athletes.  The primary product of the company was interestingly an underwear until it moved into the sportswear manufacturing industry in the period around the 1970s. The company was initially endorsed by Bjorn Borg, a tennis player. With his endorsement and rise in sales, the company became extremely popular.

The original Italian ownership was sold to US Hedge Fund Cerberus Capital Management in the year 2003, following the drastic consequences resulted out of the company’s excessive commitment to expensive athletic endorsements when it was under financial pressure. Cerberus owned and operated Fila via the holding company named Sports Brands International, which operated the entire international Fila Businesses, barring Fila Korea, which was a distinct company functioning under licence.

In the year 2007, Fila Korea acquired all of the Fila brand’s international business, making it the biggest South Korean sportswear company. Fila Korea has been invested with all rights of its parent firm. In the year 2009, ANTA Sports acquired rights over the use of brand from Belle International, though Fila Korea still owned 15 percent shares. In the year 2011, Fila Korea Ltd. undertook the acquisition of the golf equipment manufacturer, Acushnet Company.

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