FDDI Full Form Name

Full Form of FDDI:

Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDDI Full Form is Fiber Distributed Data Interface. FDDI is a fiber optics technology base network and data interface structure. FDDI is a standard for data transmission in a resident area linkage setup, created by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). It is a set of rules or protocols define by ANSI for conduction of digital data over fiber optic cable. FDDI utilize copper cable, thus another name for it is CDDI (Copper Distributed Data Interface). FDDI networks are usually made of the main pillars for broad area networks.

FDDI caters 100 Mbit/s standard speed of data transmission in local area linkage setup which can expand in the range up to 200 kilometers (120 mi). The FDDI rational topology is a ring-based emblematic network. Oher than comprising large territories, FDDI local area networks sustain thousands of customers. As FDDI was the first endeavor to supply a yardstick for the fiber-optic LANS, it created lots of interest because of the high bandwidth and consistency characteristics. In the 1990s FDDI was deemed an advantageous campus backbone network, it still exists.

By 1994, dealers included Cisco Systems, National Semiconductor, SysKonnect (acquired by Marvell Technology Group), and 3Com. Thus, FDDI was effectually outdated in local networks since 1998 by Fast Ethernet, which provided 100 Mbit/s speeds at a lesser cost. Usually, FDDI networks are employed as pillars for large territorial networks. An addition to FDDI, the FDDI-2, enables the transmission of voice and video information. A variant of FDDI, labeled FDDI Full Duplex Technology (FFDT) applies a similar system but also provides data rates up to 200 Mbps.

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