FDD Full Form Name

Full Form of FDD:

Floppy Disk Drive

FDD Full Form is Floppy Disk Drive. An FDD or Floppy Disk Drive is hardware of a computer that helps in reading data from a small disk, called floppy disks, and writing data into it. Its primary parts include read or write heads, stepper motor, circuit board, and mechanical frame. Both sides of an FDD consist of read or write heads. They use the same assembly for their movement. The position of their heads is not opposite to each other. This positioning helps by preventing interactions that may take place between the surfaces of two media during the write operations.

Although the writing and reading operations use the same head, another head, which is much wider, is utilized to erase a track before it is written. Due to this feature, the writing of data can take place on a much broader and clean slate, without getting interference from the adjacent track’s analogue data. The stepper motor is responsible for making a fixed amount of stepped revolutions. These revolutions are used for reading as well as writing the head assembly to the proper position of the track.

All electronics for handling the data written to or read from the floppy disk are present on the circuit board. It is also used for controlling the stepper motor, which in turn controls the circuits that are utilized for moving the read or write heads to individual tracks, along with the movement of these heads on the surface of the disk. The mechanical frame consists of levers that help in opening the window on the disk. This little window allows the heads to touch the disk media. The disk can be ejected by pressing an external button.

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