FDA Full Form Name

Full Form of FDA:

Food and Drug Administration

FDA Full Form is Food and Drug Administration. FDA is an organization, based in the United States, that is responsible for supervision over various food and drug related issues. It is a federal agency that operates under Department of Health and Human Services. Dr. Stephen Ostroff is currently acting as the commissioner of FDA. Formed in 1906 and headquartered in Maryland, FDA ensures public health. It regulates and enforces various rules and laws regarding food and drug.

FDA makes sure that every human food or animal food and every type of medication, supplements, tobacco products, devices used in treatment, vaccines, cosmetics and other related stuff are extensively tested on the ground of public safety. The organization gives utmost importance to research medications because medicines can have different effects on children and adults.

FDA provides services and operates through 133 field offices, and 14 Centres and Offices that are involved in food safety, safety of tobacco based and medical products, radiological health, research on toxicology and nutrition, informatics, innovative technical solutions and many other aspects. FDA also keeps a close eye over medical and food products after they are approved to be distributed in the market. This agency gives emphasis on the use of modernized and advanced technology so that the products can be more developed and safe too.

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