FCI Full Form Name

Full Form of FCI:

Food Corporation of India

FCI Full Form is Food Corporation of India. FCI is a government-owned organization that effectively assesses and implements policies regarding food. It also ensures national food safety. Founded in 1964 and headquartered in New Delhi, FCI operates across all parts of India. FCI has five zonal offices in five different geographical zones in India. It also has twenty-four regional offices that operate under their respective zonal offices. The operation of FCI is mainly concerned with two agricultural products namely wheat and rice.

Every year FCI purchases huge amounts of wheat and rice directly from the farmers at a justified support price. These two products are then sent to the stock depots of the state governments so that the ration card holders can have wheat and rice at a minimal price rate. The distribution is made throughout India by the medium of PDS (Public Distribution System).

FCI does not only offer its beneficial services to the consumers, but it also ensures that the farmers get the right and logical price for the products they have cultivated. It also makes sure that stocks of food grains are sufficient in terms of NFs (National Food Security). FCI does not itself formulates regulations regarding food policies, it is the implementing authority that ensures regulation enforcement under different ministerial departments.

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