FBI Full Form Name

Full Form of FBI:

Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI Full Form is Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI is the intelligence agency of the USA which also functions as the law enforcement agency. Almost all prominent nations across the globe have their personal Domestic Intelligence Services. The name of the organization that caries the security operations and other intelligence-related tasks. The FBI operates under the guidelines and laws enforced by the U.S. Department of Justice and it reports directly to the Attorney General of the USA and the Director of National Intelligence. Established in 1908, its headquarters is in Washington, D.C.

Although it is the domestic Intelligence Service of the USA, it also has some international reach and it has 60 Legal offices in the U.S. Embassies around the world. The main focus of these international offices is to work in accordance with foreign security services and they are not allowed to carry any operations in those countries without the permission of the government.

Ever since its advent, the FBI has been tracking down criminals and has investigated a number of cases spying and plotting against the United States and its ally nations. It has played an important role in all security and intelligence operations of the United States, like Verona Project, which was the joint venture of the US and the UK, the Japanese American Internment, the Civil Rights Movement, John F. Kennedy’s Assassination etc.

FBI Full Form – Federation of British Industries

Full Form of FBI stands for Federation of British Industries. FBI was established in the year 1916 as a response of a businessman to the war-time controls. Dudley Docker was the founder of the FBI. This federation consisted of one hundred and twenty-four firms. All of them gave one thousand pounds to establish the foundation of the FBI. Although this organization never participated in labor relations, it did involve itself in tariff reforms. As the time went, it gathered other overseas organizations as well as regional organizations. Eventually, the Royal charter incorporated it in the year 1923.

The Federation of British Industries merged with the National Association of British Manufacturers and the British Employers’ Configuration in the year 1965. This merging gave birth to the Confederation of the British Industry. The Confederation of British Industries consists of one hundred and ninety thousand businesses and includes one thousand five hundred direct members and one hundred and eighty-eight thousand five hundred indirect members. As compared to the National Association of British Manufacturers and the British Employers’ Confederation, the Federation of British Industries or the FBI was bigger. The FBI consisted of over nine thousand individual firms and two hundred and seventy-two trade associations by the year 1964. Sir Harry Pilkington was one of the former presidents of the FBI.

Full Form of FBI – Full Blooded Italians

FBI Full Form refers to Full Blooded Italians. FBI is a professional wrestling team that participated in the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) in the 1990s and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in the mid-2000s. The original FBI started in the year 1996 in the ECW as a comedy stable. This stable placed JT Smith, an African American Wrestler, with Big Val Puccio, an Italian wrestler. Two additional wrestlers, Tommy Rich and Tracy Smothers (both from the Southern US) and Little Guido, an Italian wrestler, were eventually added. Little Guido has participated in every WWE or ECW incarnation of the Full Blooded Italians.

This group of wrestlers collapsed when Rich and Smothers left the company. This resulted in the management of the Little Guido on Sal Graziano. As the time passed, the group became more of a serious wrestling one until the year 2000. During that year, Tony Mamaluke joined the group. The group, under the management of Graziano, carried on the feud with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck, which was ‘The Sinister Minister’ led team. This feud took place over the ECW Championship. During the dying months of the company, the group competed for the first position for the title.

In the year 2010, the FBI confirmed that it would be participating in the ECW reunion show named Harcore Justice. In a match of a six-man tag team, Kid Kash, Johny Swinger, and Simon Diamond were defeated by Tracy Smothers, Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido at the event. The FBI has many accomplishments and championships under their name. In the category of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Smothers and Maritato won the ECW Championship. Mamaluke and Maritato again won it in the later years. Smothers and Maritato also won the JAPW Championship in the category of Jersey All Pro-Wrestling. Nunzio won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship two times.

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