EULA Full Form Name

Full Form of EULA:

End User License Agreement

EULA Full Form is End User License Agreement. An EULA or End User License Agreement, also called Software License Agreement is a contract formed between the buyer of proprietary software and the licensor. This license establishes the right of a purchaser to utilize the purchased software. It defines the methods of using the copy, and rights that are automatically given to the buyer. The majority of these contracts are present in the digital form only. These appear to a user in the form of a click-through and needs to the accepted by the user by clicking the ‘accept’ button. These can be the adhesion contracts since the user is unable to see the agreement until he or she purchase the software.

Numerous exclusive agreements are made by the software companies with government entities and large businesses. These agreements consist of warranties, which are specially drafted, and support contracts. The shrink-wrap software accompanies some EULAs. This software is provided to a user electronically during the process of installation. The user can either accept the agreement or reject it.

The software installation is usually conditional. For installing the software successfully, the ‘accept’ button must be clicked by the user. The EULAs are different from free software licenses. The latter grants the right of using the software to the users for redistributing or modifying the software and the creative works. The proprietary software, as well as the copyright defaults, does not grant the same to the users. These licenses consist of a disclaimer of warranty.

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