EPS Full Form Name

Full Form of EPS:

Encapsulated Post Script

EPS Full Form is Encapsulated PostScript. EPS is a Postscript document that conforms and meets the standards set by DSC ( Document Structuring Conventions ). This standard document is mainly used in the process of exporting or importing various Postscript language files in all sorts of technical environment. EPS file extension is usually used for formatting of graphic files when they relate to the vector-based images used in the Adobe Illustrator.

It is usually formed as a single page program. An EPS file can contain both texts and images. Moreover, it usually includes bitmap version of the related image. It encapsulates the low-resolution format of the text or image and allows other programs to show the preview. According to the standards set by DSC, an EPS file contains bounding box comment, header comment, EPSF-3.0, and !PS-Adobe 3.0.

There are restrictions on the formation of an EPS. It cannot use or include such operators that can potentially change the machine’s state in such a way that it cannot be undone by the enclosure of the save or restore of the file. An EPS file may use tricks that are dependent on the devices, but it should not respond to the sensitivity of the environment created by the importing application. The usual type codes of EPs are EPSF and TEXT.

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