EPROM Full Form

EPROM Full Form is Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. A kind of memory chip that has the capability of data retention even when the supply of power is stopped is called an Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory or EPROM. That memory of a computer that can retain data when the supply of power is stopped and then turned back on is referred to as the non-volatile memory. An electronic device is used for individually programming the floating gate transistors that form this memory.  The voltage supplied by this electronic device is higher as compared to the voltage provided by the digital circuits. The top-most portion of the EPROM’s package usually has a transparent window of fused quartz, using which it can be recognized easily.

A silicon chip can be seen easily through this window, and the ultraviolet light can be exposed to the chip through it for erasing the memory. The production cost of a thousand pieces of ROMs that are masked programmed is minuscule. The time required for their manufacture is quite significant since the mask layer of an IC needs to be altered for storing data on ROMs. In the early years of the development of the EPROM, there was a belief that the mass production of these memories is highly expensive.

Hence, only the development of this memory took place, and not its mass production. Later, it was proved that for the parts of EPROM, production of small volumes was highly economical, especially when the benefits of speedy up-gradation of the firmware were taken into consideration. The on-chip EPROM are used with some micro controllers for storing their program, The examples of such micro controllers include the PIC micro controller’s C versions, the Free scale 68HC11 and Intel 8048.

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