EPABX Full Form Name: EPABX Meaning

Full Form of EPABX:

Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

EPABX Full Form is Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. EPABX is a system within a premise or enterprise, which enables calls between systems. This term is widely popular as the PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system. It uses a specific number of external lines. The main objective of an EPABX system is to save the cost of individual lines to the central office of the telephone company. The PBX system is comprised of a network of lines within the EPABX; a switchboard for manual operation; multiple phone lines or telephone trunk line that ends at the PBX. In addition, it also requires a computer with adequate memory to manage the calls within the system.

EPABX refers to a telephonic exchange which serves a specific enterprise or office in contrast to a common carrier or any telephone company operating for the general public or several businesses. PBXs are also called PABX (which stands for private automatic branch exchange) and our subject matter, EPABX. The EPABX is an equipment which has streamlined daily working in businesses and offices, particularly in the areas concerning communication. It may be interpreted as a switching mechanism which provides for both external and internal stitching features of any organization. The EPABX’s selection is a complicated task and needs thorough knowledge in the pattern of working traffic at the office.

With the help of an EPABX, both the external and internal requirements of the organizations are served. As more and more advancements in the area of computers emerge, the EPBAX has incorporated several more features into its mechanism. EPABX enables call transferring as well as forwarding that ensures greater mobilization among users. Some of the advanced features of EPBAX include automatic redialing and auto conferencing. Before implementing EPBAX, it is important to study the requirements of the office.

The exchange should, however, comprise supporting features such as voice DISA-n-auto attendant, which helps in eliminating the requirement of an attendant or a receptionist. This specification should also make sure of inbuilt paging, hot outward dialing, auto fax homing, remote servicing, auto shut lock, and remote dialing. The functions of an EPABX mechanism are extremely helpful in a business or working environment and the aforementioned discussion about it makes it all clear.

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