EOD Full Form Name: EOD Meaning

Full Form of EOD:

End of Day

EOD Full Form is End of Day. EOD is actually used in financial markets to mark the end of trading day. It can also mean end of trading day in terms of financial market and refers to the trade ceasing point or just before it. End of Day, which is known by different names such as End of Business (abbreviated as EOB), Close of Business (abbreviated as COB), or Close of Play (abbreviated as COP). It is also known by its acronym EOD. It is that point where the trading ceases. In some financial markets, EOD has the definition of the point in time which is only a few minutes before the actual end of trading when the orders of regular traders are not received anymore. It is during this period the market performs what is normally known as a Run To Cash. In a Run to Cash, the market tries to reconcile with its cash market.

The EOD may differ from one country to the other for example in the United States of America the EOD is set at 11.59 P.M. and 59 seconds whereas in the United Kingdom, the EOD is set at 5.30 P.M. Much of it depends on the time zone. The EOD is also used in the United States Military in which it is referred to the time when all the slated administrative and training work ceases. The senior non-commissioned officer of the unit may order holding of a formation at the EOD. At the time of this formation, the enlisted members are given guidance and the commands are given. This marks the end of work, however, some officers may have the option to continue working.

In the informal course of the conversation, EOD is often used as a designation of time by which any activity or work has to be finished. It could be used in the context of the end of the workday. Thus, the use of the term is not limited to formal contexts and has been largely incorporated in wide informal usage.  EOD has become a very common Internet slang and SMS language as well. Even some of the official and personal communications use the term EOD in them.

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