ENIAC Full Form Name: ENIAC Meaning

Full Form of ENIAC:

Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer

ENIAC Full Form is Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. ENIAC was the first-ever electronic computer made for the general purpose. It was digital, Tuning-complete and was capable of solving a massive class of numerical problems by means of programming. ENIAC was primarily created for calculating artillery firing tables for the Ballistic Research Laboratory of the United States Army but its first program involved a study of the possibility of the thermonuclear weapon.

ENIAC was officially dedicated at the University of Pennsylvania in the year 1946 and was later referred to asĀ  Great Brain by the media. It showed a speed on the order of 1000 times faster than that of an electro-mechanical machine. The amazing combination of programmability and speed enabled thousands of calculations of problems, as ENIAC was capable of calculating a trajectory that took about a human 20 hours in about 30 seconds. ENIAC could be easily programmed to undertake complex sequences of operations such as branches, subroutines, loops, etc.

However, instead of using stored program computers which are prevalent today, ENIAC was majorly a big collection of various arithmetic machines, in which programs were hard coded with function tables, each containing 1200 ten way switches. The task of inputting a problem and mapping it was complex and took weeks to be solved. There were 6 primary programmers of ENIAC, namely: Betty Jennings, MarlynWescoff, Kay McNutty, RithLichterman, FranBilas. These programmers not only evaluated as to how to input ENIAC programs but also created an understanding relating to the inner workings of ENIAC. The programmers were able to debug problems by crawling within the massive structure and find bad tubes and bad joints that could be done away with.

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