EJB Full Form Name

Full Form of EJB:

Enterprise Java Beans

EJB Full Form is Enterprise Java Beans. The EJB or Enterprise Java Beans is a software component on the server side that helps in encapsulating an application’s business logic. A subset of the specifications of the Java EE forms the specifications of the EJB. A runtime environment is offered by its web container and is used by the software components that are related to the web, such as processing of the transaction, management of the lifecycle of Java Servlet, computer security, etc. The IBM was the original developer of the specifications of the EJB. The Sun Microsystems adopted it in the year 1999. Under the JCP or Java Community Process, the specification was further enhanced as JSR 318, JSR 153, JSR 345 and JSR 220.

The main aim of the specification of EJB lies in providing a standardized method of implementing the business software at the server side. The business software is used in the enterprise applications. Such machine codes address same kinds of problems. The programmers frequently re-implement the solutions of these problems. Thus, the primary focus of the EJB is to handle general issues like security, the integrity of transactions and persistence in a standardized manner, thereby freeing the programmers and giving them ample time to focus on the current portions of the enterprise software.

The EJB is used when a particular application needs to be accessed remotely, or is required to be scalable or requires the encapsulated logic of business. Thus, the responsibilities of the EJB include security like JAAS and JCE, directory services, invocation of asynchronous methods, control of concurrency, deploying components of software, scheduling of jobs, etc.

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