EIGRP Full Form Name

Full Form of EIGRP:

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

EIGRP Full Form is Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. It is an advanced routing protocol designed for distance vector system. This protocol evolved from its earlier version named IGRP (expanded as Interior Gateway Routing Protocol). EIGRP has the efficiency to converge, select route, calculate and record routing information from neighboring devices in a quick time, so that the device can quickly adapt to the available alternative routes.

Designed by Cisco, EIGRP can only be used on Cisco devices. EIGRP takes help of DUAL (Diffusing Update Algorithm) to find the best and most efficient route on the grounds of some conditions like time management, distance, data consumption and whether the path is loop-free. It uses very small part of network resources. Faster converging ability, CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing protocol) , effective use of DUAL and RTP (Reliable Transport Protocol), both link-state and distance-vector support, and highly developed operational ability — these are the major characteristics of EIGRP.

In addition to routing table, this dynamic routing protocol also uses neighbor table and topology table to store and calculate information. The metric used in EIGRP can be translated into the supporting metrics of its predecessor, IGRP. Thus these two protocols can interoperate efficiently. Apart from typical IP networks, Apple Networks and Novell NetWare networks also use this dynamic protocol.

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