EDVAC Full Form Name: EDVAC Meaning

Full Form of EDVAC:

Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer

EDVAC Full Form is Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer. EDVAC was one of the previous electronic computers. It was a successor to ENIAC and was not a decimal but a binary. It was essentially a stored program computer. The inventors of ENIAC, J. PresperEckert and John Mauchly proposed the construction of EDVAC in the year 1944. A Contract to construct the new computer was entered into in the year 1946 with a starting budget of about US$ 100,000. EDVAC was sent to the Ballistics Research Laboratory in the year 1949.

EDVAC was functionally a binary serial computer with features such as automatic subtraction, multiplication, addition, programmed-division and checking with the help of an ultrasonic serial memory having a capacity of about 1000 44-bit words. The average addition time of EDVAC was about 864 microseconds, with an average multiplication time of 2900 microseconds. By the year 1960, EDVAC was operating over 20 hours per day, exhibiting error-free operation time of about eight hours. EDVAC was operational until the year 1961 when it was substituted by BRLESC.

EDVAC was composed of components which include (1) A control unit equipped with an oscilloscope, (2) A magnetic tape recorder-reader, (3) A dual memory unit comprising two sets of 64 mercury acoustic delay lines having 8 words capacity, (4) Three temporary tanks comprising a single word, (5) A dispatcher unit for the reception of instructions from the memory and control and steering them to other units, (6) A computational unit performing arithmetic operations, (7) It has nearly 12000 diodes and 6000 vacuum tubes and consumes 56 kW of power. EDVAC worked until the year 1961 after which it was replaced with Ballistic Research Laboratories Electronic Scientific Computer (abbreviated as BRLESC) however, despite its replacement,it was regarded as one of the most sophisticated computers of that time.

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