EDGE Full Form Name

Full Form of EDGE:

Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution

EDGE Full Form is Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution. EDGE is an evolution of the GSM mobile phone system.  It enables higher data rates to GSM system at a speed of about 384kps. The EDGE technology provides data rates that are significantly increased than those of GPRS.  This speed enables high-speed delivery of multimedia and other applications to mobile phones and computer users.

The Enhanced Data GSM Evolution is specially developed for 3G, with the help of GSM channels. The performance is enhanced by upgrading and developing the packet-switching generally used by GPRS, with the help of two node types i.e., GPRS service node and GPRS service node. GSM Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) a form of modulation, but EDGE evolution uses 8PSK instead of the modulation to 8PSK thereby, enabling a significant increase in data rates. The cost to upgrade to GSM EDGE is relatively small, which makes it cost effective for the user. EDGE has data rates three times than that of GPRS.

The main objective of this technology is to increase data transmission rates and increase data spectrum thereby facilitating and increasing number of mobile users and technology. THE EDGE technology is also adopted by TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) for the migration to UMTS. EDGE enhances and provides a user with an overall a good cell phone experience. EDGE is introducing within an existing specification, therefore, it is convenient to use. The implementation of EDGE by network providers or operators is designed in a simplified way. The new EDGE transceiver smartly manages GSM cluster and turns on to EDGE mode when needed.

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